Wonder Years

from by vsquadmusic

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"Wonder Years":

(Sunshine let down, turn it up and clown)

1. I'm out that H Town, 44 to be exact
2. My teen dream was flippin candy Lincoln or a Cadillac
3. Wit 4 15's beatin' V. can caz a heart attack
4. parents said there's better goals, you don't want no parts of dat
5. Son you don't wanna floss a whip where every corner you hit
6. you look suspicious, cops wanna stop & frisk ya
7. You know the usual, sir you fit the description
8. Young black male, driving slow w windows tin-ted
9. I thought I smelled weed when u passed me wit them big rims
10. Any weapons on u? Any contraband?
11. Needles in ya pocket, sharp blades that could harm my hands?
12. Why you got so much cash on ya? this is quite a stash
13. Man purple City Living, Harris County Tradition
14. If HPD stop ya cooperate end it quickly
15. Make no sudden movements, exclude all rudeness
16. Don't wanna be another Top Story breakin news victim

don't be a fool...know the rules...keep it cool...
stay low key...control your controllables...
the more things change, the more they stay da same
and this type of ish happens everyday
dont lose it, keep it cool...
don't be a fool...
stay low key...control your controllable's...
count every blessing when you lay at night
and thank God for ya life when the sunrise

Verse 2
H Town Born & Raised...
1. back to school shoppin clothes in layaway
2. $30 Nikes, couldn't afford the J's
3. brown paper bag held my lunches made
4. Peanut Butter sandwich, a banana and sump'na drank
5. chickens was southern fried, remember my brother and I
6. would visit and kick it with my cousins on my mother's side
7. I use to sneak they German Shepherd my vegetables
8. Or push em to the side like a mathematical decimal (haha, I hated vegetables)
9. in loving memory of Felicia...Brown
10. man I'm really wishin that she could see us.....now
11. same for noonie & popoon
12. swear I might drop a few tears if I don't stop soon
13. Guess it's....reflections of the way life use to be... (use to be)
14. back when I made Rashaud sneak juice for me...(juice for me)
15. horseplayin' til something breaks...usually
16. we tried to hide it, denied it, or glued the piece
17. back together, the belt straps was leather
18. nothin got past moms, she's somethin like a detective
19. and heard every word u mumbled under ya breath
20. a couple back hands taught us a lesson about respectfulness


from Reflections EP, track released November 11, 2016
Vocals: OG V.
Produced & Recorded By: ypHoenxix
Mix and Mastered By: Mando Sound
Beat Mixed By: ypHoenxix
Lyrics Written By: OG V.



all rights reserved


vsquadmusic Houston, Texas

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