Stolen Moments (Like a Boss)

from by vsquadmusic

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Stolen Moments (Like a Boss)

I'm out here bending corners caz that's just the way I feel
my 808's bumping while I'm thumping something trill
I swear all I ever wanted was to grip that wood wheel
wood grain gripping sitting on them chrome wheels
I'm feeling like a boss
I'm living like a boss
Ain't taking no loss
they hate when I floss
I'm living like a boss, I'm feeling like a boss
I ain't taking no loss, no loss
I'm feeling like a boss, I'm living like a boss
they hate when I floss, when I floss, I whip it like a boss

Verse 1:

My OG Told me....
1. This that black and mild, crown and coke
2. I said this that hit that corner slow
3. seat reclining I'm behind windows tinted
4. system thumping, turn it up some more
5. now before I was rolling, I was dodging the police
6. I had some warrants and so I, drove with caution to keep them off me
7. don't look my direction, I'm in need of inspection
8. my drivers license expired, so has my vehicle registration
9. if they stop me they gone lock me up for sure
10. I can't get mad, they got a job to do they trying to reach the quota
11. and I'm something like a hand given gift with the bow ribbon
12. and that ain't nobody fault but mine caz I'm a grown man
13. so as it happens, I was flossing hard, then the laws pass
14. then he slammed his breaks, next thing I know sirens and lights flashing
15. knew I was cooked when the tow truck and the second officer dispathced
16. and they asked me, step out and pat me down and cuffed me but for this I was


Verse 2:
1. until they threw me in a jail cell
2. want to shed a tear I'm sitting here I'm knowing damn well
3. this ain't where I belong, I never thought I'd see a jail cell
4. never felt so low in life till I entered my jail cell
5. a losers slumber party, drunk fat dude is snoring
6. he in the cell across from mine ain't no way to ignore him
7. scheduled to be at work right now, I can't call and report this
8. got bail money, still they won't let me out til the morning
9. this is gone be costly and I mean in more than one way
10. caz I just realized they towed my ride, it's not in my name
11. I'll probably lose my job, caz I can't notify my boss lady
12. and I'm on a final with no sick days or vacation
13. when it rains it pours, they'll be brighter days I'm sure
14. but for now these problems piling up and knocking at my door
15. wish I could skip to when life gets smoother, who can fast forward?
16. to me back in the whip, dime in my passenger, feet on the dashboard, while I'm...



from Reflections EP, track released November 11, 2016
Vocals: OG V.
Produced & Recorded By: ypHoenxix
Mix and Mastered By: Mando Sound
Beat Mixed By: ypHoenxix
Lyrics Written By: OG V.



all rights reserved


vsquadmusic Houston, Texas

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