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smoke clouds of nicotine...
liquor seemed Hereditary, there way was always Hennessy
& malt liquor
when too much entered the system
the family started bickering, the party ended
I was a 80's baby raised in the 90's
back when you can have encounter with the cops and still survive
and crack was boomin
cuz and bloods feuding
starter jackets will get ya jacked if u was caught snoozin, they'd tell u...
Come up off that fast, before the shotty blast
Last thing seen, was someone fleeing in hockey mask
They hop scotch and dash, dodging all cameras
"Who shot ya?"
man the blocks don't talk, and the cops come late
Ambulance so slow, he might not make it
I "pray the pearly gates await him"
I remember being 9, and my mom's came home crying Sayin "son _____ got shot"
you know who cheated on her and the woman he was bonin ran up on her
At the bus stop and let it ring out
"But she lived", now say awwe-men (Amen)
Caz you'll need more than Allah if them slugs hit ya Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Hand
the story u tell could be totally true
with several different versions, guess it's based on the angle that ya viewed it
red pill or blue?
I was lost & confused
chose the wrong crew
started hangin wit school skippers
dodging truancy officers runnin by all the brew sippers, wasted wit prune livers
shamelessly drooling but don't mistake it it's beautiful
so many things seen, visions painted are too vivid
like 10am Saturdays
evangelist are at it
pastors preaching passages
addicts and fiends scavenging
scratching in need badly
desperate to feed the habit
they stressin the dealers haggling
fights, gangs, & thugsters,
life slain and drug away
dice games and hustlers
with pipes, caine, and drugs
that's the street corners
walk among it but don't become it
the glamorous street life can be vanished and gone tomorrow
didn't wanna be the reason my family weeped in sorrow
caz I'm homeless with a sign that says can I please have a dollar
for those who don't know,
I'm from loan stars own
3rd Coast, H-Town, Purple City, Acres Homes
No matter ya success man it's, definitely levels
Had the chevy cavalier before my white bubble lexus
Before that it was metro, before that I was jay-walkin everywhere
Literally...I couldn't afford retros
waste not, want not
I still remember layaway that's how we did our school shoppin
now I can say truly
that patience is virtue, I pray that you learn to
never complain, through joy or pain jus pursue
amidst all the madness and life's dramas the earth brings
no matter ya condition someone else has seen worse things
so long as ya breathin, seek ye first the kingdom
delight in giving caz life ain't all about receiving
never forget the countless times God has come through
be the change you seek, it all starts with you
and in case u ain't peep,
this has been a sneak peak
if you're just arriving please take ya seat
welcome everybody to "Reflections", The's OG V.


from Reflections EP, track released November 11, 2016
Vocals: OG V.
Produced & Recorded By: ypHoenxix
Mix and Mastered By: Mando Sound
Beat Mixed By: ypHoenxix
Lyrics Written By: OG V.



all rights reserved


vsquadmusic Houston, Texas

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