Goin' Hard

from by vsquadmusic

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"Going Hard"

1. summer 93' flow, I see so
2. vividly... memories of me and my brother playin in our street clothes
3. street lights came on, in we go
4. cousin stayed downstairs, super nes wit the cheat codes
5. if I lose, we runnin it back, visitors bonus
6. when I win, ain't no rematches give the controller up
7. arguing led to scuffles, parents came in to scold us
8. I always got it the worse, they expected more from the oldest
9. fast forward to 95, a hard head, make a soft behind
10. 6th grade, suspended for rollin dice
11. in my mind, man the whole thang was silly
12. we wasn't playin for money, the wager was gum and skittles
13. why they take us to the principle, learned later see it's the principle
14. these type of behaviors ain't beneficial
15. why you feel the need...to follow and impress the crowd
16. why you so afraid to be a leader and standout
17. you're not a child, so put away childish things
18. be quick to hear, slow to anger and slow to speak
19. I didn't back then...but see...now I understand
20. my whole life my parents were grooming me to be a man...and the plan worked

I'm goin harder than I ever have like never before
Take it to levels never reached, I've never been so focus...

Verse 2:
1. Eternity echoes how we lived this life
2. man-up youngin, settle down, find you a wife
3. there's honor amongst men, by the way that we live
4. be a gent, caz every losers sliding in her DM's
5. ladies I say gracefully, cover up, the struggle is tough enough
6. without yall filling our eyes up wit lust
7. only a husband's deserving of ya arousal
8. not 80 thousand clowns asking "what dat mouth do?"
9. yall livin in the now, not thinkin bout tomorrow
10. ain't tryna preach, caz ain't nobody thinkin bout God
11. til it all falls, times hard, filled wit sorrow
12. now there's nowhere To-Run-To like Toronto
13. I waz told, if you knew, then better you'd do
14. we all got room, for a little self improvement
15. so....how many yall wit the same vowel
16. is it you? whatcha say? whatcha say now?
I'm goin hard...


from Reflections EP, track released November 11, 2016
Vocals: OG V.
Produced & Recorded By: ypHoenxix
Mix and Mastered By: Mando Sound
Beat Mixed By: ypHoenxix
Lyrics Written By: OG V.



all rights reserved


vsquadmusic Houston, Texas

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