Reflections EP

by vsquadmusic

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released November 11, 2016

Production & Production Mixing: ypHoenxix
EP Mix & Mastering: Mando Sounds
Recording: ypHoenxix



all rights reserved


vsquadmusic Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Intr-opus
smoke clouds of nicotine...
liquor seemed Hereditary, there way was always Hennessy
& malt liquor
when too much entered the system
the family started bickering, the party ended
I was a 80's baby raised in the 90's
back when you can have encounter with the cops and still survive
and crack was boomin
cuz and bloods feuding
starter jackets will get ya jacked if u was caught snoozin, they'd tell u...
Come up off that fast, before the shotty blast
Last thing seen, was someone fleeing in hockey mask
They hop scotch and dash, dodging all cameras
"Who shot ya?"
man the blocks don't talk, and the cops come late
Ambulance so slow, he might not make it
I "pray the pearly gates await him"
I remember being 9, and my mom's came home crying Sayin "son _____ got shot"
you know who cheated on her and the woman he was bonin ran up on her
At the bus stop and let it ring out
"But she lived", now say awwe-men (Amen)
Caz you'll need more than Allah if them slugs hit ya Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Hand
the story u tell could be totally true
with several different versions, guess it's based on the angle that ya viewed it
red pill or blue?
I was lost & confused
chose the wrong crew
started hangin wit school skippers
dodging truancy officers runnin by all the brew sippers, wasted wit prune livers
shamelessly drooling but don't mistake it it's beautiful
so many things seen, visions painted are too vivid
like 10am Saturdays
evangelist are at it
pastors preaching passages
addicts and fiends scavenging
scratching in need badly
desperate to feed the habit
they stressin the dealers haggling
fights, gangs, & thugsters,
life slain and drug away
dice games and hustlers
with pipes, caine, and drugs
that's the street corners
walk among it but don't become it
the glamorous street life can be vanished and gone tomorrow
didn't wanna be the reason my family weeped in sorrow
caz I'm homeless with a sign that says can I please have a dollar
for those who don't know,
I'm from loan stars own
3rd Coast, H-Town, Purple City, Acres Homes
No matter ya success man it's, definitely levels
Had the chevy cavalier before my white bubble lexus
Before that it was metro, before that I was jay-walkin everywhere
Literally...I couldn't afford retros
waste not, want not
I still remember layaway that's how we did our school shoppin
now I can say truly
that patience is virtue, I pray that you learn to
never complain, through joy or pain jus pursue
amidst all the madness and life's dramas the earth brings
no matter ya condition someone else has seen worse things
so long as ya breathin, seek ye first the kingdom
delight in giving caz life ain't all about receiving
never forget the countless times God has come through
be the change you seek, it all starts with you
and in case u ain't peep,
this has been a sneak peak
if you're just arriving please take ya seat
welcome everybody to "Reflections", The's OG V.
Track Name: Wonder Years
"Wonder Years":

(Sunshine let down, turn it up and clown)

1. I'm out that H Town, 44 to be exact
2. My teen dream was flippin candy Lincoln or a Cadillac
3. Wit 4 15's beatin' V. can caz a heart attack
4. parents said there's better goals, you don't want no parts of dat
5. Son you don't wanna floss a whip where every corner you hit
6. you look suspicious, cops wanna stop & frisk ya
7. You know the usual, sir you fit the description
8. Young black male, driving slow w windows tin-ted
9. I thought I smelled weed when u passed me wit them big rims
10. Any weapons on u? Any contraband?
11. Needles in ya pocket, sharp blades that could harm my hands?
12. Why you got so much cash on ya? this is quite a stash
13. Man purple City Living, Harris County Tradition
14. If HPD stop ya cooperate end it quickly
15. Make no sudden movements, exclude all rudeness
16. Don't wanna be another Top Story breakin news victim

don't be a fool...know the rules...keep it cool...
stay low key...control your controllables...
the more things change, the more they stay da same
and this type of ish happens everyday
dont lose it, keep it cool...
don't be a fool...
stay low key...control your controllable's...
count every blessing when you lay at night
and thank God for ya life when the sunrise

Verse 2
H Town Born & Raised...
1. back to school shoppin clothes in layaway
2. $30 Nikes, couldn't afford the J's
3. brown paper bag held my lunches made
4. Peanut Butter sandwich, a banana and sump'na drank
5. chickens was southern fried, remember my brother and I
6. would visit and kick it with my cousins on my mother's side
7. I use to sneak they German Shepherd my vegetables
8. Or push em to the side like a mathematical decimal (haha, I hated vegetables)
9. in loving memory of Felicia...Brown
10. man I'm really wishin that she could see
11. same for noonie & popoon
12. swear I might drop a few tears if I don't stop soon
13. Guess it's....reflections of the way life use to be... (use to be)
14. back when I made Rashaud sneak juice for me...(juice for me)
15. horseplayin' til something breaks...usually
16. we tried to hide it, denied it, or glued the piece
17. back together, the belt straps was leather
18. nothin got past moms, she's somethin like a detective
19. and heard every word u mumbled under ya breath
20. a couple back hands taught us a lesson about respectfulness
Track Name: Stolen Moments (Like a Boss)
Stolen Moments (Like a Boss)

I'm out here bending corners caz that's just the way I feel
my 808's bumping while I'm thumping something trill
I swear all I ever wanted was to grip that wood wheel
wood grain gripping sitting on them chrome wheels
I'm feeling like a boss
I'm living like a boss
Ain't taking no loss
they hate when I floss
I'm living like a boss, I'm feeling like a boss
I ain't taking no loss, no loss
I'm feeling like a boss, I'm living like a boss
they hate when I floss, when I floss, I whip it like a boss

Verse 1:

My OG Told me....
1. This that black and mild, crown and coke
2. I said this that hit that corner slow
3. seat reclining I'm behind windows tinted
4. system thumping, turn it up some more
5. now before I was rolling, I was dodging the police
6. I had some warrants and so I, drove with caution to keep them off me
7. don't look my direction, I'm in need of inspection
8. my drivers license expired, so has my vehicle registration
9. if they stop me they gone lock me up for sure
10. I can't get mad, they got a job to do they trying to reach the quota
11. and I'm something like a hand given gift with the bow ribbon
12. and that ain't nobody fault but mine caz I'm a grown man
13. so as it happens, I was flossing hard, then the laws pass
14. then he slammed his breaks, next thing I know sirens and lights flashing
15. knew I was cooked when the tow truck and the second officer dispathced
16. and they asked me, step out and pat me down and cuffed me but for this I was


Verse 2:
1. until they threw me in a jail cell
2. want to shed a tear I'm sitting here I'm knowing damn well
3. this ain't where I belong, I never thought I'd see a jail cell
4. never felt so low in life till I entered my jail cell
5. a losers slumber party, drunk fat dude is snoring
6. he in the cell across from mine ain't no way to ignore him
7. scheduled to be at work right now, I can't call and report this
8. got bail money, still they won't let me out til the morning
9. this is gone be costly and I mean in more than one way
10. caz I just realized they towed my ride, it's not in my name
11. I'll probably lose my job, caz I can't notify my boss lady
12. and I'm on a final with no sick days or vacation
13. when it rains it pours, they'll be brighter days I'm sure
14. but for now these problems piling up and knocking at my door
15. wish I could skip to when life gets smoother, who can fast forward?
16. to me back in the whip, dime in my passenger, feet on the dashboard, while I'm...

Track Name: Goin' Hard
"Going Hard"

1. summer 93' flow, I see so
2. vividly... memories of me and my brother playin in our street clothes
3. street lights came on, in we go
4. cousin stayed downstairs, super nes wit the cheat codes
5. if I lose, we runnin it back, visitors bonus
6. when I win, ain't no rematches give the controller up
7. arguing led to scuffles, parents came in to scold us
8. I always got it the worse, they expected more from the oldest
9. fast forward to 95, a hard head, make a soft behind
10. 6th grade, suspended for rollin dice
11. in my mind, man the whole thang was silly
12. we wasn't playin for money, the wager was gum and skittles
13. why they take us to the principle, learned later see it's the principle
14. these type of behaviors ain't beneficial
15. why you feel the follow and impress the crowd
16. why you so afraid to be a leader and standout
17. you're not a child, so put away childish things
18. be quick to hear, slow to anger and slow to speak
19. I didn't back then...but I understand
20. my whole life my parents were grooming me to be a man...and the plan worked

I'm goin harder than I ever have like never before
Take it to levels never reached, I've never been so focus...

Verse 2:
1. Eternity echoes how we lived this life
2. man-up youngin, settle down, find you a wife
3. there's honor amongst men, by the way that we live
4. be a gent, caz every losers sliding in her DM's
5. ladies I say gracefully, cover up, the struggle is tough enough
6. without yall filling our eyes up wit lust
7. only a husband's deserving of ya arousal
8. not 80 thousand clowns asking "what dat mouth do?"
9. yall livin in the now, not thinkin bout tomorrow
10. ain't tryna preach, caz ain't nobody thinkin bout God
11. til it all falls, times hard, filled wit sorrow
12. now there's nowhere To-Run-To like Toronto
13. I waz told, if you knew, then better you'd do
14. we all got room, for a little self improvement
15. many yall wit the same vowel
16. is it you? whatcha say? whatcha say now?
I'm goin hard...
Track Name: Departure

1. Grand Opening, Grand Closin'
2. Curtains drawn, the show's over
3. Credits role to a perfect song
4. C'mon baby we heading home
5. I'm jus thankin God I didn't compound problems
6. tryna find my own solutions, nose diving to the bottom
7. life gets rocky but don't never turn a pebble to a mountain
8. I seen doubtful times flip into miraculous outcomes
9. V. you speakin like a deacon bro you always preachin Jesus
10. but I've seen the evil-ist demons camouflaged sheep skin
11. peace king, for others I could never do the speaking
12. but far as lending a helping hand, this is me reaching
13. I jus want the world to know there's hope, from non-believer
14. to sinner, atheist, Christian your conditions don't exempt ya
15. peep the wisdom, V. is spittin, tell me where you think it stems from
16. the spirit that's within him, convictions from previous afflictions
17. as I kick and spit ya this benediction...
18. reminiscing like I'm a senior citizen...
19. may u benefit from what I have witness
20. no jewels hidden, what I'm givin is can give u vision
21. so what's eyesight to hindsight?
22. as I look back upon my life
23. what's eyesight to hindsight?
24. as I look back upon my life...Reflections